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About ADC

Aggressive Dream Cars by NOTOEM Designs L.L.C. is a leader in full turnkey custom auto building and fabrication. With more than thirty years of award winning business success, we challenge existing business models with a holistic 360 degree solution that can better enable the customers. ADC has established a system to convert these very large opportunities into real solutions for customers and ADC. This sea of change means that there is a large need and we have positioned ADC to meet this with a better advantage.

ADC is excited about customers, custom body work, performance, sound systems, interior and parts world wide. Aggressive is unique in that all work can and is done in one location. Josh the Chief architect and  co-owner established his desire to help customers in having quicker and easier ability to getting their car desires completed in one simple process. This process will enable custom designs to be completed quickly and cohesively while also helping to lower overhead cost. Customers can have their cars customized in a way that will shorten time from the typical aggravating long-time frames . Most customers have complained of the hard time and work involved in dealing with many different custom processes at different garages. Each garage performs parts of the overall building of a custom car. ADC has removed this massive customer headache by building a state of the art custom design center with world class tools and technicians.